About Me

Hey everyone 👋! My name is Evgeny (ru: Евгений), what by pronunciation is the same as Eugene or Yevgeniy or Jewgenij. Anyway, not so many non-Russian speakers can pronounce it correctly with the first try, and that’s fine, don’t worry about that. So, you can call me merely Eugene, which is the same as the previous names.

I have used Golang since 2016, primarily for writing gRPC/REST APIs, CLI apps, and different kinds of parsers and generators. Before becoming a Go developer, I worked a lot with Microsoft SQL Server, where I designed database schemas, optimized SQL queries, tuned database configurations, and eliminated bottlenecks.

I write my code and blog posts in NeoVim. I also use

I run my own company PowerFly Consulting. Looking for a consultant? Hire me, drop me a message at hello@ekhabarov.com

My projects

Envoy as an API GatewayGitHub starsDemo project: build gRPC micoservices with Bazel and deploy them to Kubernetes.
eBay/rules_yttGitHub starsBazel rules for YAML templating tool (ytt).
protoc-gen-struct-transformerGitHub starsProtobuf plugin which generates structures transformation functions.
stsGitHub starsStructure-to-structure transformer generator, same idea as the previous, but transformations are based on Go types.